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Most people would love the opportunity to work for themselves. When you’re your own boss, you can set your own hours, maintain and personalize your own equipment, and know that you’re the only one responsible for your own success. It’s easy to see why everyone from writers to accountants to farmers would want to manage their own business, and truck drivers are no exception.

Becoming an owner-operator may not be for everyone, but it’s probably crossed most drivers’ minds at least once. Owner-operators have even more of the benefits that draw many people into trucking in the first place – the independence, travel, and personal responsibility that a driver feels on the road are only magnified when the truck belongs to them.

At American Truck Showrooms, we make it easy for drivers to break into the owner-operator business. With low down payments, drivers who can’t buy a truck outright yet can get to work right away with our American Dream Program. Even drivers with bad or no credit can get behind the wheel; all we check is your work history. Our dedicated insurance and compliance teams will help you every step of the way to stay safe, legal, and profitable. Call or drop by today to find the right truck for you!

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