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2013 American Safe Truck Driver Award

The American Safe Truck Driver Award winners have been announced! As American Truck Showrooms ongoing commitment to support the American owner-operator, this competition was established by our affiliates to spotlight our safest drivers on the road. With all of the dangers associated with driving a 80,000lbs vehicle, it can be quite a challenge to keep a clean driving record. We promote safe driving best practices and we encourage all of our drivers to conduct pre-trip inspections before getting on the roads. Read Full Article HERE


Gulf Coast Green Initiatives

Our Showrooms on the Gulf Coast features a state of the art, eco-friendly facility and promotes unprecedented ecological efforts to protect the surrounding wetlands. The dealership was built with low environmental impact in mind. Contributions include low energy usage, closed loop truck wash, and a habitat for wildlife. The Gulf Coast rampant wetland loss is due to many reasons, one of the top being construction and development. This was a primary concern when American Truck Group, LLC was required to relocate alongside the wetlands due to an Interstate expansion project in 2010. The partners agreed to strive for a low environmental impact facility. Setting precedence with genuine efforts: Closed Loop Truck Wash LED lit facility Wetland Preservance Sanctuary for animals & fowl Propane Initiatives More locations Coming soon! See what else we are up to, American Truck Showrooms shares consorted efforts and news updates on Facebook, Twitter, and our Blog! Follow us today to stay up to date!

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